Past tenses #1 Cloze test

Some sentences are divided in two or three lines.

Complete the sentences for situations in the past. Decide which tense you need to use.
Yesterday, a plumber (come) to our house.
He (want) to repair our washing machine that (break) down a few days before.
Before he (ring) at my door, he (have) looking for a parking space for about ten minutes.
While the plumber (repair) the washing machine, I (watch) the news.
Suddenly, I (realize) that they (show) our street on TV.
The reporter (say) that a car (crash) into a stop sign just before reaching the crossroads.
While I (listen) carefully to what (happen), someone knocked at my door.
I (open) the door and (see) a police officer standing there.
He (ask) for the plumber.
As it turned out, it (be) our plumber's car that (roll) down the street.
In his haste, the plumber (forget) to set the handbrake.

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Created by Roberto Cuccu